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Social Communication Treatment for Autism

Sendan is pleased to introduce Fletcher Scott, PhD, CCC/SLP. Dr. Scott specializes in communication interventions in children and adolescents with autism and has worked in the field of autism for nearly twenty years, in schools, homes, private clinics, and University-based programs.

Dr. Scott uses a variety of interventions in addressing speech, language and communication issues specific to this population. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of speech, language and communication disorders
  • The use of child / adolescent interests (e.g. Legos, movies) to motivate treatment, skill –building and meaningful interaction
  • Individual and peer-matched (dyad) therapy
  • Social groups
  • Pivotal Response Teaching (PRT), an evidence-based, ABA-derived intervention for autism.

At the present moment, Dr. Scott is accepting the following:

  • Private pay
  • Commercial Insurances: Group Health, HMA, Lifewise, Premera and Regence.

Commercially-insured families must typically have a prescription or referral for speech language services from their primary care provider (MD, PA or ARNP) in order for Dr. Scott’s services to be covered. Social groups are not typically reimbursed by any payor; payment is due at time of service.

If you are interested in Dr. Scott’s evaluation or treatment services, please contact the Sendan Center at 305-3275.