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Thank you for your interest in Sendan Center.

Sendan Center continues to recruit service providers to provide gold-standard, evidence-based mental and behavioral healthcare to the children and families of our community.

If you are a child mental healthcare provider (MD, PhD, PMHNP, Masters Level Therapist or Counselor, LMHCA, or LSWAIC ) or speech / language pathologist, please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae or resume to:

Emily Taylor, HR Manager:

If you are an associate mental health counselor or an associate social worker who is looking for paid clinical experience and supervision of hours, we would love for you to participate in our Associates Program. Please see our job description here and send a letter of interest to:

Emily Taylor, HR Manager:

If you are interested in a ABA Certified Behavior Technician or Behavioral Specialist position, please complete the following application and send it, with requested supporting materials, to

Emily Taylor, HR Manager:

If you’d like more information about our ABA services before applying, please see our ABA Services page located here.

Sendan Center ABA Employment Application

Why Work at Sendan

  • Be a part of our collaborative and supportive clinic team
  • Access to growth opportunities that align with your interest and skills
  • Use your passion to advocate for the well-being of children & families in Whatcom county
  • Play an active role in contributing to Sendan Center’s constantly evolving practice  

We sometimes receive employment applications from parents of current or former clients at Sendan Center. We are honored that you want to work with us.

Unfortunately, it is Sendan Center policy that we do not employ parents or caregivers (any family member actively involved in treatment) of children who are current or former clients at Sendan Center.  Employment relationships could lead to conflicts of interest, or otherwise interfere with the relationship between the clinician and the client and the client’s parents or primary caregivers. The integrity, health and excellence of the client relationship is our chief concern. Thank you for your understanding.