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Prescription Refills


 If you need a prescription refilled, please first contact your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will send our office a refill request.  We require 48 hours advance notice of such requests, and 72 hours notice on Fridays.


If there are no refills remaining on your current prescription, your child will likely need to be seen by their prescriber in order to renew the prescription. Please ensure that you have scheduled an appointment well in advance of any prescriptions running out.


If the medication is a controlled substance (such as Ritalin, Concerta or Vyvanse), the patient must be seen in the office before a refill prescription will be issued. Please call 360.305.3275 to schedule an appointment if a medication refill is needed.


Our highest obligation is to your child’s good health and safety. Please ensure that you carefully follow the above guidelines.


(Please recall that this refill policy is described in greater detail in the Policies and Procedures document signed at the first appointment. You can find a copy of that form in the Sendan Psychiatry and Psychotherapy intake packet on our website.)