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Sendan Learning Services

Sendan Learning Services provides multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders, as well as academic support and family support.

Learning services we provide:

• Executive Functioning Coaching

• Language and Learning Assessment*

• Language and Learning Therapy

*Speech and learning assessments do not test for ADHD*

Learning challenges in children can be due to a single factor or a combination of factors, including:

  • Language Processing (example: dyslexia)
  • Executive Functioning (example: time-management or homework planning skills)
  • Social Language Skills
  •  Cognitive Skills
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD

Research shows childhood learning disorders are ideally diagnosed and treated in a multidisciplinary manner

Learning Services FAQs

If you would like to schedule a learning assessment or are seeking treatment services:
  1. Click on one of the links below to complete a LEARNING SERVICES INTAKE FORM.
  2. Please mail or drop off your completed New Patient Forms, along with a $30 Learning Services New Patient Form Processing Fee to our clinic (please make payable to “Sendan Center Learning Services”).

The Learning Services Director will call you within 2 – 3 weeks of receiving the completed forms and intake fee, and sooner if possible.

If you are already an established Learning Services or Executive Functioning client, click here: Learning Services – Established Clients

Learning Services Team:
  • Jennifer Gruenert, MS, CCC-SLP – Sendan Learning Services Director
  • Kendra Edmonds, SLPA – Speech Language Pathology Assistant and Executive Functioning Coach
  • Scarlet Johnson – Learning Services Admin and Executive Functioning Coach
  • Jillian Meeker – Executive Functioning Coach
  • Lauryn Villablanca – Executive Functioning Coach

Learning Services FAQs:

Do you bill insurance?

Sendan Learning Services are private pay only. We do not bill insurances or Medicaid/HCA. You will receive a rate sheet prior to treatment, and will be billed monthly for services received. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill.

How much do services cost?


Full language and learning assessments (comparable to psychoeducational testing) are available, as well as consultative assessments and screenings. The assessment is tailored to the specific needs of the client and family, and will be collaboratively decided on by Jennifer Gruenert and the family. Assessment, testing and report-writing is billed at $140 / hour.


Executive Functioning Coaching (study skills, organization, time management): $60 / hour 

Learning & Language Disorder Therapy Services (language, memory, processing, dyslexia, social skills): $120 / hour


At hourly rate of all attending team members, as above.